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Medical Providers & Concepts of Authority Article

The world of health care reimbursement can involve many different players on the payer side. Group health plans and health insurers are well-known players, but networks, administrators, repricers, consultants, and others may enter the scene as well. Knowing which entities can be held liable for payment, and how, may be critical to a medical provider’s ability to secure the payment to which it is entitled.

Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock!

* The following alert was originally published in California Healthcare News (CHN). To read it on the CHN website, click here.

Phil English and Byron Dorgan Quotes on Healthcare in Fierce Healthcare Article

Arent Fox former Senator and Congressman, respectively, discussed a newly released report that shows the benefits of group purchasing organizations on the cost of health care. The report is the 11th annual edition from The Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII). Phil English, an Arent Fox Senior Government Relations Advisor, serves as the HGPII national coordinator while Byron Dorgan, an Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor, is the national co-coordinator.