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Joint Commission’s Rewritten Sentinel Events Policy Now in Effect

The beginning of 2015 brings implementation of The Joint Commission’s (TJC) newly rewritten Sentinel Events Policy (Policy) for hospitals. Released in late 2014, and effective January 1, 2015, the Policy clarifies and puts into operation new and revised definitions and expectations. Changes include the following, among others:

Nursing Facilities Still Struggle with Abuse Reporting Requirements

* The following alert was originally published in California Healthcare News (CHN). To read it on the CHN website, click here.

Medical Emergency Teams Can Recoup Their Costs by Reducing Adverse Events

Studies analyzing the cost-effectiveness of certain medical practices can sometimes indirectly suggest other, seemingly-unrelated benefits to a health care organization’s bottom-line. Such is the case in a study (Study) of medical emergency teams (MET) published in Pediatrics (“Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Medical Emergency Team in a Children’s Hospital,” Pediatrics 2014; 134; 235 (Aug. 2014)).